Our Technology

iloveRobots' robots are packed with robotics technologies that give them lifelike motions and rich interactions.

iloveRobots' locomotion technology is called AniMotion. It is a patent-pending robotic technology licensed from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA. AniMotion allows iloveRobots' legged robots to exhibit lifelike motions when running or dancing, as seen in Prime-8, Blazor, and Penbo. This technology incorporates more than five years of research at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute and other universities.

iloveRobots' robots also have a battery of sensors that deliver great interactivity. Infra-red emitter/receivers allow robots to sense when people are around them, and when obstacles obstruct their way. Capacitive sensing makes them respond to touch, and microphone/speakers makes them hold conversations in their own language.

The robots also have internal sensors that allow them to orient and move limbs. For instance, tilt sensors in Prime-8 allow him to get back on his feet from any position, and a combination of infra-red radar and lift sensors allow Penbo to blow a kiss when she comes close to a cheek.

AniMotion Technology Image