Penbo - Pink

Lovable Penguin
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Meet PENBO, a lovable, interactive toy penguin for kids! This adorable penguin comes with a very special surprise: an egg that holds a little fuzzy penguin baby named Bebe that loves to chirp and play with Penbo all day long!

Green, pink or blue, kids will be surprised when they open the egg to see what color Bebe they’ve added to the family!

Pair Penbo with other members of the Penbo & Friends family such as Skylee or Penbino for even more fun and games!

Penbo is loaded with interactive games and surprises, and engages kids by responding to touch, voice and motion.Penbo listens to Bebe’s chirps and even responds in her own Penguish language. When the child places Bebe in Penbo’s pouch, the two sing to one another while  Penbo dances with joy or if it’s time for bed, gently sings Bebe to sleep. 

Penbo comes in four different colors (pink, teal, blue and violet), each with a surprise colored Bebe. Batteries are included.

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